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How to upgrade to spotify premium?

February 2, 2021, byJay

How to upgrade to spotify premium?

Upgrading your PERSONAL* spotify accounts is easy! There is a few simple steps you can take in order to make your spotify premium.

Log into your spotify account, preferably on an incognito tab (and make sure your location on your account matches the one with the invite

Click on the invite link, and enter the EXACT address that is given to you with your purchase.

And that’s it! You will then be redirected to a confirmation screen noting you that your account is now premium.

*Account must not have recently (12 months) been on another spotify family plan. If it has, please use http://www.trikatuka.aknakn.eu/#/ to move your spotify data from one account to the other.

**Account may be removed from premium. If so, please create a query and we will be happy to send another invite link where applicable.

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